and i fell heavy into your arms


little by little

auhrik dooble in normal fashionable man clothes


i’ll admit that I can’t stop drawing babes

especially to feel good music

maybe I should put this here because it’s the last thing I drew …

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lol old sketch but i think … it will make bubert happy to see after getting home from work …; 0;/ and thats all that really matters

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ssssort of!? ruumi performed a special surgery on him without his consent - it saved his life, severed hers, and now auhrik is sort of indebted to her. he has a piece of her soul; if he wants to remain alive, he has to stay at her side at all times. in this way, she pretty much forces him into becoming her assistant as “payment.” in the end, he doesn’t mind it tho (; (; (;

koschei stays at ruumi’s side at all times too, but it’s because he wants to. he haaaaates auhrik!!! partially because auhrik sorta… . invades koschei’s space?? since he’s gotta be around ruumi all the time, and also because koschei’s hyperaware of what auhrik could become at any given moment.
his top priority is protecting ruumi - if she gave him the word, or if auhrik endangered her, koschei would have noooo problem taking that sucker down, and he often reminds auhrik of this BI

and what a crazy tuesday it was

okay we back gonna start using this blog again! hopefully a lot more. there are questions to be answered!

in the meantime, this is lieutenant and bannister if they switched classes. i think im down with a Lieutenant Mastersmith

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i’m adding ‘Lionell’s Hair’ to the Things I Don’t Understand list

his smoke has such personality i love it !!!